Finish & Trim Carpentry Experts

Building or remodeling a structure involves several stages.  And, at each stage, different specialists are hired to make sure the work is done properly.

This process protects the structural integrity of the building, and ensures that quality-control standards are maintained.  Finish carpenters arrive on the job scene at the very last stage of the process to apply the final details.  A finish carpenter’s job is to make sure everything looks polished and aesthetically pleasing. 

Finish carpenters are true craftsmen.  They need to be competent builders, but they also require aesthetic skill and talent.  They must learn all the basics of building construction, then take years to develop their fine craftsmanship skills. 

A Finish Carpenter is Essential

Finishing carpenters spend many years developing their skills, and that’s why their work is in high demand.  Finishing carpentry involves anything that will be visible after construction is completed.  A finish carpenter works on trims, molding and windows.  They may even install roofing, and provide the finishing touches to roofs— such as gutters and the trim.

Trim Carpentry: a finishing carpenter with a specialty

Trim carpentry is a special form of finish carpentry that focuses on trim work.  A trim carpenter installs finish woods, and the surrounding trim work with expert patience and precision. Trim carpenters install finish woods, doors, windows, stairs, and all other trim work— providing a “finished” and polished look to these items.

These finishing touches are invaluable, but installing them can be a tedious job— and requires a keen eye for detail.  Trim carpenters must have an ability to take precise measurements, make measurements by eye, and operate various tools to create clean cuts and attractive fittings.  Trim carpenters may work onsite or offsite, depending on the job requirements.  They may also work with complex machinery, power tools, and hand tools.

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At Torre DCC, we take pride in hiring the best finish carpenters in the industry.  Interior finish carpentry is essential for any construction project.  When planning a construction job, don’t skip one of the most important stages— make sure you hire an expert finish carpenter to bring your construction project to the next level.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  An estimator will gladly visit your worksite, and provide an estimate for your next project.  Torre DCC services the Greater Toronto Area, and Southern Ontario— including Woodbridge, King City, Stouffville, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Durham, Collingwood, and Keswick, etc.